[...] the spectator needs “Story-Tellers”, good stories and good contents...


Ferminius is a passionate SEO marketer and Video Producer, determined to help brands to create friendly and unique campaigns that people love. Trained in Arts, audio-visual production and marketing digital, Ferminius handles the needs of his clients to generate creative and seductive campaigns with a very high rate of engagement and therefore with positive returns on investments. In general, this holistic vision of communication and marketing is one of Ferminius main strengths, who hasn’t thought twice in investing a great amount of time to create a Youtube content platform (Arte Mundo Latino) that between the years 2010 and 2016 was brought to TV national-wide in the United States at Time Warner and DirecTV.
The TV show named Arte Mundo Latino was aired until January 2016 and it recorded peaks of audience of up to 8 million viewers a week. With over a decade of experience in narrative, cultural and promotional videos content production, Ferminius founded Digital Media 365 Corp in 2010, an independent content production and distribution company located in Miami. A company that offers high-standards content production, linked to thoroughly segmented audiences.
Ferminius is certified by Google in Adwords, Youtube and Analityc which creates the full-circle of “creation, distribution, measuring and return” of creative and commercial audio-visual content production.
"Blowing is not playing the flute" of course, it’s not as easy as all that, having a good campaign or good content is not a guarantee of efficacy or return.
Today more than ever the spectator needs “Story-Tellers”, good stories and good content that adds value on a very noisy and distracting ecosystem.

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" Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world "

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Weather they are video clips, TV commercials, advertisement events, short films or communication campaigns, pictures are a story telling vehicle.  The content Marketing or Inbound Marketing is a current marketing trend that includes not only communication experts but also cultural managers. The goal is to create contents that add value to the client and that are able to generate that “engagement” or unconditional love, that solid and permanent link between brand and consumer.

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