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Ferminius SEO Expert & Marketing Specialist

Ferminius, Miami SEO Expert & Online Marketing

 SEO in simple words.

“The one who reaches the client first and most effectively is the one who closes the deal.”


My name is Ferminius, I am an expert in marketing with a profile in SEO and social networks or SMO. In my day to day I manage SEO and SEM as basic tools to achieve medium- and long-term objectives. Digital Marketing is a discipline that forces me to keep constantly updated in order to carry out the strategic actions necessary to achieve the best possible results.

What follows are some articles written by me and that can be consulted in order to get an idea of the latest disciplines that feed one of my main passions, “research.

As SEO, I usually have a group of personal projects where I can try strategies, tips, new code developments and routines. This way I am able to serve my clients with strategies based and proven in practice. This process eliminates hours of trial and error. It prevents any undesirable consequences between my personal projects and keeping the pages of my clients in ideal conditions for the Google indexing algorithm. In other words, to impact the client first.


Marketing Specialist + SEO Specialist + Videographer + Editor

What is Marketing Specialist?

A Marketing Specialist, in my definition, is a strategist who takes the digital tools of the customer according to the profile of his “buyer persona” and sends the message in a direct way and without distorting noises, in a digital ecosystem that isalready loud. My way of using social networks is focused in this direction, channeling the attention of the communities towards the products or service of my clients.
In this link you can see some “across media” campaigns that cross and channel social actions in transit, up to click and conversions on the website.


Data is another of my passions. The decisions made based on data are one of my favorite routines, using tools such as Google Trends, Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frogs and Google Analytics which I had the opportunity to get certified a couple of years ago. These tools are essential to analyze the results generated and establish improvements continuously.

In a world where voice searches take on more prominence the first impact [and the only one result] is decisive.

Blowing is not playing the flute,” of course it’s not that easy! Having a good campaign or good content is not a guarantee of efficiency, success and return.
Today more than ever the spectator needs “Story-Tellers”, good stories and good content that adds value on a very noisy and distracting ecosystem.

2018 was a year in which Google (The premiere search engine at the global level) decided to implement the policy known as “first mobile device” and although the policy sought to bring greater importance to searches made from mobile devices, this had already been a trend since 2016.

The formula is relatively simple “clear objectives” + “measurement of results” + “improvements” = “Positive Return on Investment” [ROI] CO + MS + Im = +ROI

CO + MS + Im = +ROI

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a webpage for search engines, usually referring to the practice of “organically” positioning the page a highly as possible without paying.

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or PPC, is positioning that is paid for, and involves a number of tools and methods that are very different from SEO.

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What is the relationship between SEO and SEM?

Both are strategies that aim to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and achieve greater results in online searches.
The principal difference between them is that SEM will keep ads visible as long as they are paid for and remain ahead in the auction for space on pages (paying more or with higher quality ads, keywords, etc.). This is considered a marketing expense because the day that payment ceases, the ad will immediately cease to show up. SEO, unlike SEM is more of an investment. Everything that is invested has the capacity to make returns in the medium-long term, with the SEO “organically” making positive returns on campaigns

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Ferminius Seo expert

In Design, Artificial Intelligence tools are a substantial boost in decision making. Today we can calculate the behavior of thousands of people, user experiences and interfaces, in order to obtain an optimal design compatible with the interests of specific audiences.
Design in 2020 shows a growing trend towards visual identity. The concept of the brand as an independent entity with its own voice, with social accounts, with recognizable personality, is a growing wave. Your Brand is your voice, your Personal Seal, your Face to the world. The personal brand is the best investment in 2020.

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Not happy with your online presence?

If someone needs it, someone will sell it. If there is even a minor demand in the market for your product or service and you are not selling, this means that at some point in the process of reaching your customer, you have failed. We can optimize SEO tools so that the investment becomes profitable in the shortest possible time. We can help you optimize your presence in search engines and on social media platforms so that you attain an online presence that generates a positive ROI (returns). We also help create a conversion funnel so that each dollar invested generates, at a minimum, direct contact routes to potential customers, and this in turn becomes another of your sales tools.

Not happy with your online presence?

Send us your data and we will tell you what to do for free. All received in less than 24 hours, free and without any commitment.

Graphic and Web Design | “Mobile design is the new standard”

Graphic and Web design have adapted their resources to the “responsive philosophy“, in such a scale, that today contents are being designed for mobile devices and later adapted for desktops and tablets. “Mobile design is the new standard”


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