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Design & Trends [2019] by Ferminius

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2019 – Design and trends.

First things first: What are trends? Trends tend to be almost involuntary movements to specific goals or places. There are dominating trends that cohabitate with other trends that underlie or exist in parallel, but in any case, they all aim to a common goal. The Oxford dictionary defines a trend as “A general direction in which something is developing or changing.” (1) In this age, where “there’s nothing more anachronistic than yesterday’s news” (2) in my opinion, trends are highly linked to their effectiveness and immediacy.
According to Google’s numbers, the 56% of mobile phones searches are linked to an advertisement or content that the user was impressed by. Since 2015 mobile navigation and internet searches are higher than desktops searches and navigation. This data is, without a doubt, a dominating trend linked to speed, efficacy and to a very important element “customer’s experience”

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PWA efficiency and simplicity (Progressive Web Applications)

In 2018 Apps and App Store is separated with the birth of “Native applications” that are nothing more than applications that run on a web browser and don’t need to be downloaded in any device. That’s why is understandable that Web design is looking more and more like mobile apps in stereotype and functionality, and that in a near future anything that doesn’t look like that will seem out of date.

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Arte Mundo Latino
Full Corporate Identity Design.
Web Design, Blog,TVShow Producer.
JJ Carpentry by Design
Full Corporate Identity Design.
Web Design, Adwords Campaing.
Ferminius Design
Car Freight
Car Freight Landing Pages Design.
Landing page design / Adwords Campaign / Responsive Design


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Promotional Videos for Tourism Company
Inbound Marketing Campaign for tourism Agencies



The Retro design from the parents, 80’s design, it’s color pallet, will hardly ever be out of date, especially because, while trying to look as close as possible to an application, we use minimalism, a solid color pallet with small effects that are not a simple gradient and where the most of the resources go hand in hand with contrast, color inversion, and negative spaces that force the spectator to go beyond a simple picture.

Another characteristic can be the gesturalism of the image, the handmade appearance that shows the carefree attitude of our era, and the ability to approach the creator through imperfection and to establish emotional ties with the brand by extension.

Logos, on the other hand, are being more and more “responsive”, so they can be handled within the perfect square to not lose performance in desktop or in mobiles, besides being able to be handled in extreme locations like the favicon of the left position of the navigator.

Ferminius Design

The trends in graphic design and web design are a deaf race to effectiveness and efficacy, it is not what looks best or what is aesthetically acceptable, it’s not what feels best; it’s what best establishes an emotional connection with the consumer. (Paraphrasing Steve Jobs]


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(2) Néstor García Canclini.
La Jornada Semanal, 18 de mayo de 1997
The Working Week, May 18th, 1997



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